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New Sky Energy Solutions provide a range of approved inverters, modules and batteries that meet the stringent Australian Standards required for commercial and residential application. Our team will tailor a solar design to help you achieve a long term, economical energy solution. 

SH5000 - Solar Batter System Melbourne


  • Power supply - Converts solar DC electricity to usable AC electricity for your home.

  • Power output- Maximise self-consumption through using the right size inverter.

  • IP65 rated - Can be installed inside or outside.

  • Protection- Built in overload protection and warning signals.  

  • Monitoring - Generation and consumption monitoring via the cloud.

BE13200 - Solar Batter System Melbourne


  • IP54 rated - Can be installed inside or outside.

  • Fan - Dual variable speed fans controlled by charge/discharge rate.

  • Prewired - For safe and fast installation.

  • Front panels - Powder coated, durable and die cast aluminium covers.

  • Capacity - Up to 11.8kWh.

Solar Panel and Inverter System Melbourne


  • Monocrystalline panels

  • 330-500 watt panels

  • Clean Energy council Approval

  • Meet Australian Standards

  • 25-year warranty

Our Partner’s have multi-award-winning technology, available in a variety of sizes. Our range has a solution for every household. You can even upgrade your system after installation if required, getting you closer to complete energy independence.

Please click on any of the below logos to be directed to their websites for more product information.

Growatt Home Solar System Melbourne
Goodwe Home Solar System Melbourne
Sofar Solar Energy System Melbourne
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